I highly recommend Jackie from WebAppeal Website Design. The service is fabulous and her insight for my needs and wants were right on the first time. You won’t be disappointed guaranteed!

Debbie Lance

Owner/Groomer, Ruff Cuts

If you are smart you will choose to work with Jackie from WebAppeal. Her deep insights allowed me to really focus in on my clients needs and wants. She helped me create a website that is me and that my clients love.

Sheila Tate

Owner, Fitness Pro, Sheila Tate Living Free

I knew to get the look and feel I wanted for my business I would have to find a web designer. Thru trial and error. I learned that a web developer and designer are not the same thing. Jackie’s design and marketing experience is what I needed. As the son of a barber, I took over my dad’s business. I needed the website to be cool and modern but keep the old world feel of my dad’s barbershop. She did it.

Nicky Shaprio

Owner, Nicolos Group Barbershop

Jackie is amazing! Her design of my website was exactly what I was looking for. And her small business marketing ideas have given me a fresh outlook on my business. I have implemented her ideas for growing my business and they worked! I now have to hire someone to help me fill all my orders! I couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks for everything!

Kelly Grant

Owner, Cupcakes Catering

Jackie, it was way cool working with you. My site looks great and I can update it easily.

Jake Finelli

Owner, Jakes Place

I wanted my web presence to help me maintain a competitive edge. Where I live there are quite a few dessert type shops. My website is gorgeous and memorable. Jackie really knows what she is doing. Thanks so much.

Bella Scott

Owner, Bella's Sweet Cafe

WebAppeal was the 2nd company I tried. I didn’t have any luck with the first one. I left my original web guy because, well he just didn’t get it. I was looking for a feeling that I couldn’t put into words. I wanted my spice website to look and feel like a spice shop. Jackie totally understood what I was talking about. I think what makes Jackie from WebAppeal so great is that she has owned and operated small stores too. She completely understands design and marketing from the business owners side of things and from the customer. What an unique and fantastic experience.

Jasmine Ladani

Owner, Jasmine's Spice Shop

Jackie was great to work with. She is so knowledgeable, but a lot of fun too. I had a kinda weird request. I wanted my website to scream chocolate and coffee. I wanted visitors to lick their lips when they went to my site. My website turned out yummy and decadent. Jackie you get an A+. Thanks so much.

Susan Grant

Owner, Coco Cafe Bar

A Little Bit About Me

Jackie is sometimes referred to as a “Modern Day Muse” . Her vast knowledge and experience in design, marketing & customer service gives her unique insights to solving small business problems. Jackie has been on the covers of two industry magazines and has also wrote a book called “Raving Fans” and a guide book called “How To Avoid Chasing Away Customers”. She loves public speaking and enjoys teaching small businesses how to get the most out of the internet. Jackie has worked with many small businesses that need to get online or need to save their business. Is hard to miss with her bright smile and cheerful determined attitude.